Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Why cant I let you get out of my head?
Even when i be with you the whole day.
I see you smiling at me
yet when we depart i miss you.

Why do i see you?
when i close my eyes.
your childlike innocent smile closing your small eyes,
Its bothering me day and night.

Why do i feel both happy and sad?
when i think of you
Just wanna hold you and hold you tight
But (sigh) we are so close yet so far.

Why do I feel so bad?
When you dont understand me.
Who are you to me?
noone but everyone to me.

Why do i fight with you?
Even though i end up apologising
Is it coz I like to lose to you?
Is it coz i know you'll smile.

Why do I listen to you?
when i dont do it to anyone else.
what is it that makes you so special?
that i would bring pluto o earth if you ask me to.

Why do i love your voice?
why do i carve for it?
Why do i beg for it even though it hurts my self respect?
why do i lose myslef to gain you?

What is it that i feel for you?
That makes my heart beat faster.
That i cant express in mere words
That i cant express even if i want to.

You have been a sorce of happiness
A delight in my other wise sad life
I see you, I wanna be you
I wanna be with you and thats where i want to stay.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Seize the day,
That's all I try to say.
Go and be done with it now,
Otherwise you'll miss it somehow.

Most die frowning,
Coz of a fact that i am knowing.
People don't live life while they are alive,
And when eventually comes the time this they realise.

Many are out there to govern,
About the things which you have to perform.
Isn't it supposed to be your life?
So be the one rolling the dice.

Think outside the box,
And world may look down as if its a pox.
But don't stop even if you fear fail,
Coz if you revolutionize the same would follow you and hail.

Don't waste your day being a mole,
Attain your everyday goal.
Be satisfied and tired before you retire,
and you'll get ahead and achieve your desire.

So live your life to fullest,
Eradicate every part that seems dullest.
There's a notion i like to thrive,
That's to suck marrow out of life.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fall Of The Warrior.

In the distance far away from world,
Was a place small yest unearthly.
Everyone knew everyone coz no one was more important,
In their midst lived a warrior.

A warrior was he, never lost a battle,
hearing his name his enemies' teeth rattled.
Hero he was for his homeland,
People worshiped him offering garlands.

They praised him and wanted others do do so.
They asked him why he was here sitting so low.
The world is out there to conquer,
Let the world know that you are to be remembered.

So he went away to fight a new battle,
If he had known that he is to be crumbled.
Hero he may be for his people,
But he was not made to rule the world and yes, he did tumble.

He had Charm and ability to win,
And would have if had heart in it.
But now the world so alien, so dim,
The outer force broke the strength of his pit.

The warrior so mighty, so hailed.
Now fought alone that to without passion.
The paradise now turned to hell and he didn't belong there.
He wanted to be there where Everyone knew everyone coz no one was more important.

Thus without heart the warrior continued fighting,
He couldn't turn back coz for his folks then it would be disappointing.
He couldn't show them he didn't want this and thus faked a happy smile.
The followers he loved once became the reason for his end.

So with all his might he fought the battle,
But he couldn't avoid all the blows.
For great he may be but he was a mortal,
And one blow did prove to be fatal.

Lying there in mud his whole life blurred by,
He looked around for his people,
Gave a call to his folks,
But alone he was, dying.

For a moment he was afraid,
He didn't want his name to fade.
Then his breath shortened, his vision darkened,
He realised it was the last thing to matter.

Ah! what an end to what could have been a glorious life!!

The warrior has fallen,Was the cry of the people.
2 sq. meter land was all the mighty one had now.
He didn't care anymore for people to remember him.
He was at peace, he was now the part of the soil of his homeland.

An Atheist View

My friends this poem is not complete the end is yet to be written.. i couldn't think of an end but thanks to an old class mate of mine priyanka saboo who reviewed this for me and gave me an idea for its end.. so i give credit to her..i even would thank mrudul sharma for bringing me into this...
I walk on a road,
Noticing different incidences,
Inspired by something,
That’s not even in existence.

I pass a place of worship,
See people praying.
A bunch of needy asks them for alms,
They just ignore and pass by warming their palms.I

stop them and ask why they were here,
They tell me they are offering prayers,
So when the time comes,
They are rowed to heaven,

I am taken off my guards,
I look back at the faces of the needy,
Outside the home of the god.
I look back at the faces of followers,
Outside the home of the god.

This they call devotion,
Throwing food into an obligation,
I wonder what good it would do to "him."
Isn’t he suppose to have everything.
What good is giving offering to someone not in need?
Shouldn't’t it be given to those in need?

I tell them what I think,
They "tsk" and look at me,
I anticipated an explanation,
They in turn comment on modern generation.

When I fail in my task,
They talk of my mistakes.
When I succeed in my job.
They say it coz of god.

They say he exits everywhere,
But I can’t find him anywhere.
Everywhere I look all I find is sorrow,
Even in HIS own home, HIS presence seems hollow.

I am told to have faith,
I try but it’s just not in my fate.
I live by my own thinking,
And they treat me as if i am the one dreaming.

I do not ask them to stop,
Nor asking their traditions to be dropped.
But I ask them to use logic,
And make them believe that world is not governed by magic.
They have their stoke of courage in him.
One who cant govern everyone's sin.

P.S. the end is yet to be added....